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About Us

Pavilion Medical Innovations, was formed in 2009 as a partnership among Al Chin, MD, Michael Glennon, and Catalyst Health Ventures. This team has worked together and individually to bring numerous technologies successfully to the marketplace. Their collective experience includes 168 patents, more than $1.25B of medical technology revenue, investments exceeding $100M, and strategic sales approaching $1B in value.

PMI has a unique collection of resources to transform an idea into a bench-top prototype, refine it through use, then move the concept through all of the major development steps. PMI has the investment expertise and capital to either perform these functions in house, or when appropriate, spin-out stand-alone companies to complete the process. PMI is able to de-risk each project in a highly capital-efficient manner, enabling the project to attract additional funding on attractive terms.

PMI also has strong ties in the Medical Technology market place and is able to uniquely gauge the appropriate path for exit, strategic partnership or investment.