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Inventor Services

Support for the Physician Inventors

Most inventors with ideas for medical technology products lack the experience, expertise, and time to navigate the process of prototyping, patenting, manufacturing, and testing of the devices without significant expenditure. Partnering with PMI offers a platform to move through these stages efficiently and cost-effectively leading to faster time to market and improved economics.

PMI works with inventors across a spectrum of medical markets and specialties. Cardiology, neurology, interventional radiology, vascular surgery, general surgery, gynecology, urology, orthopedics, and more. Whether an idea offers the potential of a breakthrough in improving outcomes or reducing procedural time and costs, PMI’s experience can expedite the processes within design and development phase and position the project for additional financing or exit.

With PMI as a partner, the inventor has decades of experience and success in bringing medical technology to life. With PMI inventors gain the peace of mind of knowing they have experienced, successful professionals expertly managing every step of the process — from initial funding through to commercialization and exit.

While many of PMI’s projects are internally conceived, PMI is always looking for promising inventions and ideas. If you have an idea and would like to discuss it with PMI, please email and we will contact you.

PMI’s Design / Development / De-Risking Process

  1. Non-disclosure Agreement and IP Assignment
  2. Idea Feasibility and Market Potential Assessment
  3. Project Budget Estimate
  4. Contractual Arrangement
  5. Bench Top Prototyping
  6. Animal Lab Work
  7. Prototype Refinement
  8. Freedom to Operate and Patentability Opinion
  9. Patent Filing
  10. Material Selection for Components and Supply Chain Engineering Solution
  11. Regulatory Process Determination — 510(k) FDA Clearance / PMA Clinical Trials
  12. Marketing to Investors Using All Known Data and PMI Experience Leverage
  13. Development
  14. Commercialization (Quality Control, Sterilization, Warehousing, Distribution, Sales Team)