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Al Chin, MD: Partner & Development Advisor, Pavilion Medical Innovations


Dr. Chin is one of the most successful medical device inventors of our time. He is responsible for over 168 issued patents covering many marketed products. There has been over $1.25 billion in revenue to date from sales of his marketed products. A Director of Vortex Medical, Dr. Chin was co-founder of Origin Medsystems, spent 20 years with Guidant Corporation and was most recently the Chief Innovation Officer at Maquet Cardiovascular.

More than one million endovein procedures have been performed using Dr. Chin’s inventions. His background as an MIT/Stanford-trained engineer and a UCSF-trained M.D. help aid in the design and development process as it relates to anatomy-physiology and the associated function of the new platform medical device. He has the rare ability to visualize a procedural process and the impact that a new device will have throughout the procedure. This insight enables him to determine if a device will be ingenious, simple, elegant and workable. His unique talent helps maximize preservation of capital during development and enhance market potential for the physician inventor.

Mike Glennon: Partner & CEO, Pavilion Medical Innovations


Mike is CEO of Vortex Medical and has taken AngioVac® from concept through to physician preference testing in a timely and capital efficient manner. Mike is a highly experienced executive in the medical device industry. He has extensive experience with new platform product introduction in the areas of product design, development, supply chain solutions management, sales and marketing. Mike has worked for various medical device companies including Accellent, Medtronic, Guidant and Stryker Endoscopy.

Few medical device professionals have Mike’s proven ability to successfully take a concept from design and development through commercialization. This ability is demontrated in the efficiency that he achieved for Vortex Medical’s AngioVac. Within just 21 months of the company’s founding, AngioVac has moved rapidly through its processes. Mike’s proven hands-on ability to consolidate the evolutionary development process at PMI is an invaluable asset that expedites medical device development and preserves capital. This helps physicians avoid being consumed by the burdens of pursuing their inventions.

Lishan Aklog, MD: Partner & Co-Founder, Pavilion Holding Group, LLC


Dr. Lishan Aklog is a renowned heart surgeon and entrepreneur. He currently serves a partner and co-founder of Pavilion Holdings Group, a medical device development enterprise, CEO of Pavilion Ventures, its financing arm.

Dr. Aklog was born in Ethiopia and fled political violence as a teenager. Two years later, at the age of 15, he enrolled at Harvard College, graduating Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude in Physics.

During his academic and clinical career, Dr. Aklog has been a leader in innovative approaches to heart surgery — including mitral valve repair, off-pump bypass surgery using arterial grafts, minimally-invasive and robotic surgery and pulmonary embolectomy. He has published numerous journal articles and book chapters, and has been invited to lecture and operate throughout the world. Dr. Aklog has held leadership positions in national and international organizations, including the Board of Directors of the International Society of Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery. He has received numerous awards and is a perennial honoree in Castle Connolly’s, America’s Top Doctors.


Catalyst Health Ventures:


Catalyst Health Ventures is an early stage healthcare and life science venture capital firm in the Boston area. CHV invests in technology applications in healthcare and life sciences such as medical devices, diagnostics, and tools for drug discovery development. Since 2000, CHV has been an active investor in numerous companies bringing industry experience, connections, strategic advice, and expertise in partnering, capital raising and exits. Joshua Phillips represents CHV on the Board of Managers of PMI.